Monday, October 26


I wasn't able to watch as much show this season as I did during the holiday fashion week, but the few ones I saw deeply frustrated me. Makes me wanna slice my wrist with blade and squeeze drops of calamansi. Even my favorite designers failed to amaze me. Sadly, this is a bad season for fashion. There were pieces I like but many of the collections/shows seem to lack drive and intensity. May mga dinaan sa show kahit pangit ang damit, may okay na damit ambaduy nung show, etc... There were good shows and there were nightmarish, but that's expected. We have to understand, however, that the Philippine Fashion Week is relatively young and we are still at the learning curve state. Add in the fact that the economy and the recent Ondoy typhoon affected each and everyone of us. But of course, there is no excuse. So instead of me shooting sharp words to each bad outfit, I'll be nicer and give my 2-cents for better future and let the bad designers die in anonymity!

1. Designers should start thinking of hiring real stylists. I know some do but the others who needs them more never thought of it. I suggest that the producers of the show list a line up of their trusted stylists and let the designers choose who among the list they would want to work with. And whoever they choose, they must listen. More than 'styling' (read: putting headdresses, etc), EDITING is an integral part. I've seen a collection showing 20 looks in every printed jersey available for what seemed like an 800-pc collection. You can imagine how suicidal I felt while watching it.
Preview's Daryl Chang
and I were chatting about how important stylists are on shows and she theorized baka naman walang budget ang designers for stylists. I thought its not gonna be a problem. I've spoken with some colleagues and they are willing to waive the fee for a free outfit and some are willing to slash down their rates "to give back to the community." Come on, it's our industry, let's help each other out.

2. I have an issue with fit and craftmanship. I understand that fitting comes few days before the show so there's not much time to alter the clothes. With the given time it's hard for designers to finish the collection much more to alter. The result is numerous runway roadkill! Zippers breaking, bustiers falling, and ill-fitting clothes! If senior designers like Rajo Laurel, Joji Lloren and Avel Bacudio can deliver them right, there's no reason why the young ones (or even the older ones) can't. It's a discipline everyone should learn from them.
With regards to craftmanship, if you can't make a simple suit right, DON'T!

3.The list of designers are growing and the overwhelming interest in fashion design excites me. That's partly good. It is bad when half of the new ones' collections I've seen were bad knock-offs from Seeing cheap versions on the runway is a waste of our time. Note to all designers: Carrying the title "designer" carries a great responsibility. One of which is to create and innovate NOT imitate!

Marami pa akong talak pero mainit na ang ulo ko, later na lang ulit...

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