Wednesday, October 28


I was at SM Mall of Asia (again, I know) the whole day yesterday, not for Fash week but for another SM shoot. I've been doing SM shoots for quite a while now and I realized that in one section, I had all my works mounted on walls and on racks (Okay, not all but many of them), and I feel like I'm in my own little big gallery. There are those that I've shot 2 years ago and i can't believe that they are still use them (Man, I should've asked extra fee for that!). I think they already need to be changed, though.

some of the familiar in-store graphics I styled which they still use

One thing that amazes me about SM is that they are fashionably recent nowadays as compared to 4 years and beyond when knock-off of pieces arrive 5 sesons late. I believe they now dictate suppliers with up-to-the-trend pieces to produce. That and feeling the on what's selling in the market so that's quite a season late. Better than none,huh.

Enter frame, stylist. Our role is to actually put together last season pieces and make it look de mode until after 3 more seasons. Believe me, it's not easy! Imagine having a closet the size of a mall where each piece of item like belt is 80 meters away from where you're holding the pants! It's tiring! But it has it's upside, too. You get to experiment a lot. Just imagine having a 3-strorey closet filled with everything to play around with!

I was tired and disappointed with the pieces available that I thought of playing it safe for the shoot, do that safe and tired old SM look- waisted skirt, wavy hair hands on the waist, Looklet-style. I don't know if I'm the only one who does this but whenever I work with SM, I would always push a new idea. Something different from what they usually do and it would work. I'm glad I met someone from the inside who trusts me and my vision- Ms. Pat. She lets me take over the fashion side. Apparently, she gets "very good" remarks from her bosses. Okay so back to the choosing. I was about to do it lazily but when I saw those big wide photos (mine) beside those photos I didn't style, I remember that dream, once again. It's funny because as a stylist, I would secretly dream that I'd influence people on how to dress up someday. Something Kate Lanphear-ish or Nicola Formichetti or even like Rachel Zoe with a TV show and all. What struck me was the realization that I am actually realizing my dream. Shoemart or SM, is the largest chain of malls in the Philippines. And Filipinos love to go to malls! Imagine the exposure and subliminal brainwashing effect of the photos? So, in short, kinakarir ko sya!

And SM sponsoring the Philippine Fashion Week? That's a big leap! Their support to local fash scene will forever be appreciated.

New SM Denim Campaign

this was shot more than a year now and I'm not sure if they ever printed this

and then some...

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