Saturday, September 26


SEPT 24-
I woke up today at 8am to the sound of jackhammers. Local public works are doing some digging and pipelaying on our street. I tried to go back but can't. My BB alarm went off reminding me that it's my birthday: Today is the first day of being 30 years old. Well, what do you know.

Went to start my usual cold coffee - cigs, - and - Madonna on itunes breakfast combo until the pounding sound became terribly unbearable. I went back inside the room to finish the coffee and planned my day ahead. The plan was: go to Tina D's, lunch at Greenbelt, Garage Party and Fluxxe after. Tina wasn't home when I went there so I left for Greenbelt. Treated myself with duck for lunch. While slicing the tough duck on the plate, it occured to me that I needed to get some mark for this birthday. I don't really give out a big celebration during my birthdays for some reason but this is a milestone, somehow. It's the dreaded 3-O!

I went to a friend tattoo artist's shop in Greenbelt called Pohk! It's in Gbelt 1 somewhere hidden behind cellphone stalls. I have a leopard print design in mind when I went there but leafing through their magazines, I found this really cool geometric/tribal/japanese design by "don of roxx." I tried googling the name but I can't find any of his other works so let me just describe to you how his style is. The design work is geometric. Various sizes of perfect lines and curves are incorporated into the design to create solid shapes of traditional Japanese tattoo references. What's so great about the work was the use of space in relation to solid black ink. It turns out to be a fusion with futuristic tribal design. I loved it! While waiting for Pohk, the artist, I'm kinda working on a design in my mind of how to adapt the technique to something relevant to me.

There are two kinds of people who gets inked. One is someone who wants big pieces to commemorate something/someone significant , and the other is someone who gets inked according to 'fashion"- by fashion I mean not the trend but, to put it bluntly, as an accessory.

I am obviously the second. Although I am genuinely interested in the arts and techniques of tattoing and have seen seasons 1 and 2 of Miami and LA Inks, I'm here for the fun of it.

When Pohk arrived, i showed him my design and he had it rendered straight to my arm. As my arm is small for the design, some lines would turn disproportionate with the curves so after a few erasures, we decided to diss the curves and go with just the lines. I liked it better. I started to have grand thoughts about extending it on the chest and down to the lower arms.

The first few punctures jolted me and reminded me why it took me 4 years to get a new tat. It was very very painful! Agonizing even! But its too late to back out, though I don't have any intentions of doing so. The part under your arm really hurts a lot! Try Imagining a blade slicing through it creating a pattern- and that was just the outline. When he started to fill the solid part, I regretted my design. A couple of smokes and a shot of rhum would've helped a little but there aren't any. I kept telling myself "If I endured 30 years of life, I would endure 30 minutes of pain!" If I was being tortured, I must;ve squeled in! The 30-minutes turned 2 hours. Imagine the pain!

Needless to say, I missed the Garage Party as my arms are all bruised and bloody.
Then came a surprise call. My friend Lendro threw an instantaneous party for me. White wine and cheese were served and all close and dear to me arrived. Everyone welcomed me to the life 3-O.

SEPT 25-
Today is the first day I become 30. I did some reflecting and found some realization and that can be quite long so it deserves another entry.

Team Face2Face went all up north to SM San Fernando in Pampangga to appear at the Face2Face exhibit party. The traffic from Makati to Cubao was hideous! Took us 2 hours to get to Cubao. From Cubao to Pampangga, the traffic was lighter. We got there just in time.
Local papz snapped our photos:

The Supermodels arrived early and spent a few moments with the press. Naomi and Christopher congratulated Jake Galvez. Jaqueta said hi and loved the Angel Aquino photos! Pat and I were joking on the Alessandra/Bianca lay-out. I told her it was my Galliano tribute and it was Jake's way of interpreting her. She was very impressed.

Lola Erin and Kristen were also there and loves the Naomi lay-out.

The Supers had to leave early because of Milan Fashion Week so they went to Clark where their private jet awaits.

I wanted to drink and get drunk some more when the rain started to show some intensity on the wayback to Manila. I went straight home and retired early instead.

SEPT 26-

I woke up today with this view from my balcony!

The streets of Makati are underwater and inflatable boats became the "mode" of transport.
That white car is submerged by nightfall.

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