Thursday, September 17

Imagine: the boots and the chains

I haven't really sat to surf or blog for quite a time and I missed on a lot of things over the net. Kanye vs. Taylor. NY Fashion Week. Gaga's 6 outfit changes. Death of Patrick Swayze...

Argh! I don't know where to begin again.
SO, let's start with this old boot I thrifted:

sprinkled it with gromets and voila!

Amazing, right?

Test drove it at Imagine Magazine Launch Party,
paired with distressed black skinnies and chain scarf:

pc: jujiin

pc: foxe m

for more of the event's photos, click here and here

I also met two bloggers that night, Paolo of el bosquejo and la folie douce:

click click


Onin of style-anywhere,

click click

We all went to Future to down more beers after having way to many red wine from the launch. Needless to say, I got drunk. So drunk, I would slur when I talk and I couldn't remember half of the conversation. I'm just hoping I didn't spill that much secrets..ahahaha.
Anyways, meeting bloggers other than your friends is so fun. It's like meeting members from a secret society. I remember us talking about how we hope to have wi-fi connection on Phil Fashion Week so we could blog the show right away. I also remember Onin hoping to have a bloggers con or something. Haha. As for Paolo, well, he's cute and charot. Hahaha! :)


Anonymous said...

wifi on PFW? SMX vicinities are now wifi enable!:D

RCXY said...

oh, really?
that's prayer answered!