Saturday, September 12


I practically posted everything from the show. Needless to say, model-turned-stylist-turned designer (D b sya nahilo kakaikot?) turned collaborator for apparell line RVCA Erin Wasson and her DIY-ish-no-bath looks "interesting" and it will be the next rock chicks favorite. Or not. The pieces are pretty much basic and has a worn out look which makes an interesting variation from the Alexander wang pieces she styled in the previous years. If Wang has a feeling of lux amidst the dressed-down look Wasson styled, this RVCA collection looks like a low-end version of Wang's. Erin Wasson is introducing a cape/vest which recalls the grunge era. the collection actually re-invents grunge in minimal proportions and basic pieces which could be very dangerous if not worn in size 0. High-glam fashionistes will surely raise eyebrows but RVCA's cult followers would probably drool and fall in line online IF the prices are right. Moth-eaten stockings? Skin-tone spandex playsuit? Well-styled, though.
Now that Wang is scheduled to show this week, I wonder how it would look like.

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