Monday, August 17

beware of 09054181011

I spent half of my day writing a formal letter of complaint of fraud and extortion to the National Telecommunications Comission. Pretty heavy stuff, huh.

I got an SMS yesterday afternoon from someone claiming to be someone I know from abroad (i.e. my mom) and asking for 500-peso prepaid credits. Thinking that it was my mom, I sent that amount of credits so she could call me and so that we could talk. It's been quite a while since we last spoke on the phone. She didn't call. Instead, she texted me to send her PIN numbers of 8 500-peso-worth of prepaid cards saying that she would re-sell them among her Filipino friends at a higher price. Pre-paid cards it seems, are rare wherever she is. That may be the case, it was rather unlikely, though. My mom isn't the entrepreneurial kind. I told her that I'd buy the cards today. I woke up with several messages on my phone, incessantly asking that I send the PIN right away because the buyers are waiting. What's odd, though, is that whenever I would try asking about her, she would give me vague answers. When I'd ask personal questions which needs specific answers like names of places, people and stuff, she won't reply back. It rained heavy this morning so I wasn't able to go out right away. While I was waiting for the rain to stop, I went on to read her messages. It was quite odd that she never mentioned my brother. She always ask about him. My suspicion grew stronger when at one point, the text messages began to go out of my mom's character. Like how words are mispelled and abbreviated, the lack of sincerity of the tone, the way words are used... i mean, you'd know when it's your mom, right? I
began calling my network's hotline and told them what I thought. I would've wanted to know if they can tell me the location of the texter. The helpful op told me that such information is protected but what she could tell me is that the number's roaming service is NOT activated. Bang! It hit me! No roaming= No text. Therefore, not my Ma!
I took on with the impostors texts saying that I was on my way buying her cards while I'm thinking of a question that would implicate her (or him). I texted: "Aren't you gonna greet me today?"No response. I texted again, "It's my birthday." This time, she (or he) replied back," Happy Birthday!" Gotcha! Fortunately for me, it's not my birthday! Unfortunately for her (or him), I went on to report the incident to my network's hotline, called NTC and filed a written complaint.

I know that that shit will never get caught but this incident taught me a 500-peso lessons:
We are only as strong as our weaknesses!
Never be caught off-guard and always hold court.
Never under estimate the power of little details. Like how your mom would say "how are you?" or your friend's annoying little (",) icon every after sentences. Those are their unseen signatures that if went missing, y'know something is wrong.

Segue to details...

I love details!!!
And you know whatelse I love?
His neckpiece!

John-Patrick Dine,
the new anti-thesis of male modelling.

How i wish i have rounder head like his.

And a little something to cheer me up.

Y'know why boys were not taught to wear dresses when they were young?

Because it's effing awesome!

The first time i saw that black Rick Owens dress in menswear, I knew right away that it's
the look i want to sport come fall/winter, er, holiday in this part of the world.

I had one made, and alter it a bit, only to find something similar from la Garconne. I want more of those but how much long black dresses can a man have before you can even call him a man?

rcxy at mdw09, boni hi-street


Now, if I could only try it out in different materials, hmm...

And finally,

rcxy dot com is actually back-online!

After 2 weeks of delay it's finally back online.

I know you missed me.
leave word.

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amazing dress!!!