Wednesday, July 29



Superstarlet's Evening Gown-themed birthday celeb last night was hysterical! Friends of the starlet went all out in their evening gowns. This is actually what I have in mind when I got the invites:

But this is how it turned out!

One took the theme literally, as in beauty pageant evening gown. At least, he or she got a sash and a title to match. Cassidy Starr went wild in leopard as a Cavalli girl. I on the other hand, was chanelling Paloma Picasso minus the red lipstick which made me look like Darna's arch-nemesis, Valentina. Ema Fruit came as Naomi Campbell plus 200 lbs heavier. Chichi La Rue was all red in Valentino-esque red curtain, er, caftan. Evora Flux in purple leopard print chanelled a darker version of Mariah Carey circa Diva's Live. Superstarlet in flapper dress with a giant rose head accessory. Lotho Lotho was Carey Bradshaw meets Marian Rivera in slip dress and lip bag.
All was well and glamorous until Geoff Gonzales arrived in what looked like GMA's SONA (State of the Nation Address) outfit turning the event as what could have been SONA's after-party making us look like congressional spouses. Basag!

and this is moi wearing an animalier Gown in 60 seconds. My seamstress refused to sew a rush gown for me so I made this mysel. Draped it around with only a brooch holding everything. Nice noh? ;)
more pics here

To all you Brent fans, if you're wondering where the hell is he and what damn things he'd been doing:

die in envy, bitches!!!! hahaha :)

What's a party without the party-meister himself, Tim Yap!
Of course, the Dark Forces are present Asela and Gian Romano. Gian's latest collection can be seen at

bar owner, Austin, Superstarlet, Gian Romano and Circuit man JR Isaac

Stickfigurerobot, The boy who cried chos, Xtina Superstar, and Jake Galvez (who did my and Superstarlets make-up)

and more party pics later... ;)

photos courtesy of stickfigurerobot

This is all for the sake of fun. Really.


hotmalemodels2009 said...

im going to die of envy! you and brent chua!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wish i was in manila.

love your blog.

Eric Kidman said...

Brent Chua's editorial @ Fashionisto! Super!

Eric Kidman said...

Anonymous said...

hate you rcxy! love you more brent chua!

Jane May said...

the Philippine Star featured a full page editorial and an interview with Brent Chua. Galing!!! Love ko siya!

Jane May said...

it was dates Aug 1 2009, Sat

chinese models said...

brent chua.... 我最喜愛的名模

Anonymous said...

any pics of brent for metrowear?

Juan said...

when is brent chua's pics out?

Anonymous said...

fuck you rcxy

love you brent chua!

Melissa said...

Brent chua... my personal jesus!