Wednesday, June 24


2 industry people turned a year wiser today. Birthday greetings from Papa Homer (above) and RCXY Blogs to ace-photog Raymund Isaac and make-up artist Jake Galvez!

Jake threw a party at Fiama in Jupiter St., monday night.

On my right is Matt Gozun. He wants to be featured here so I'm posting our photo first before the bdayboy, Jake G. Matt loves pink but he was wearing blue that night. Blue and black seemed to be a great color on monday nights as proved by us. Matt was born blonde but he needs to color his hair black for his upcoming role as LiLo (Liza Lorena) in the remake of "Inay, tao ba ako? Muntik na anak ."

SNN hosts Boy Abunda and Kris Aquino graced the event. They're so fun ka-chika...

...unlike Madonna, isnabera. Hmp!

SNN Sandwich
Bespoke designer Lev Peh and me.

Models Lily Donaldson and Agyness Deyn dropped by and were well-behaved that night we barely noticed them.

Photog Nicolo Cosme, faux-couture designer Geoff Gonzales

Philippine fashion week main man O. Espino, photog Jay Erol, stylist Lotho, bday boy
o ayan, pwede na mag-show!

Kate Moss and Mario Testino.

Designers John and Paul or Paul and John Herrera. Still can't tell the diff...


Gwen and Naomi arrived late and Naoms pulled Katie in the toilet. They were never seen since. Iw! kadiri lang yung purple stockings ni negra.

photos from Jake G facebook and superstarlittle

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