Tuesday, June 23

GUCCI S/S 2010

It seems to me Gucci explores 4 interesting shoe archetypes and created a look to go with it.

Techno Blanc

Sporty and futuristic hi-tops looks divine in white and zipped white biker. It looks like your typical rebel/biker if it's in black but this version in clean white is much cooler. I see major celebrity moments on this set.

Abstract Sartori

The dandy dresser pushes eccentricity to a more interesting play of color and texture. Gucci 's colored loafers from last summer were my favorites and their return this season in complementary midnight-gray-black combination in a collage of leather are well-paired with printed tapered trousers.


Black hi-tops casually paired with skinny silhouette and made easy-breezy by their luxurious parka jacket.

Sleek Geek

Very casual. Very tropic friendly. It looks comfy and chic. Easy to pull-off if you're thin.

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